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Ajv online event - May 20, 10am PT / 6pm UK

We will talk about:

  • new features of Ajv version 8.
  • the improvements sponsored by Mozilla's MOSS grant.
  • how Ajv is used in JavaScript applications.


  • Evgeny Poberezkin, the creator of Ajv.
  • Mehan Jayasuriya, Program Officer at Mozilla Foundation, leading the MOSS and other programs investing in the open source and community ecosystems.
  • Matteo Collina, Technical Director at NearForm and Node.js Technical Steering Committee member, creator of Fastify web framework.
  • Kin Lane, Chief Evangelist at Postman. Studying the tech, business & politics of APIs since 2010. Presidential Innovation Fellow during the Obama administration.
  • Ulysse Carion, the creator of JSON Type Definition specification.

Gajus Kuizinas will host the event.

Please register here.

Ajv version 8 is released!

Ajv version 8 has these new features:

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Ajv supports JSON Type Definition

JSON Type Definition (JTD) is a new specification for defining JSON structures that is very simple to use, comparing with JSON Schema, less error prone, and it is published as RFC8927.

See Choosing schema language for a detailed comparison between JSON Schema and JSON Type definition and informal specification.

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Ajv version 7 is released!

Ajv version 7 has these new features:

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Mozilla MOSS grant and OpenJS Foundation

Ajv has been awarded a grant from Mozilla’s Open Source Support (MOSS) program in the “Foundational Technology” track! It will sponsor the development of Ajv support of JSON Schema version 2019-09 and of JSON Type Definition (RFC8927).

Ajv also joined OpenJS Foundation – having this support will help ensure the longevity and stability of Ajv for all its users.

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